Selling Your House

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As a seller, not only are you entitled to know what’s going on with your listing, you NEED to know what’s going on with your listing, and what’s being done to secure a successful sale. In this day and age of technology and sophisticated tools available to us, it’s important to not forget the basics.  As your REALTOR®, I provide you with the following standard services: 
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Your property will be added to the Fresno County MLS providing maximum exposure to real estate professionals. You’ll receive a copy of your listing so that you’ll see what potential buyers are seeing, providing a great opportunity to correct inaccuracies (after all, mistakes do happen!) in the listing early so that problems can be avoided later.
Assign the Lockbox to Your Property
The lockbox contains the physical key to your property that agents access to show your property. With modern technology, the lockbox can be assigned specifically to your property so that I'll know exactly when agents access the lockbox to show your property to buyers (or preview your property for future buyer interest).
Open Houses
Open Houses are a great way to expose your property directly to the public. If appropriate, a minimum of two Open House events will be scheduled during the first 30 days of your property’s listing.
In addition to our standard services, I provide my clients with the following essential services:
MLS Client Portal
I create a MLS Client Portal specifically for you so that you’ll know what’s happening with real estate in your neighborhood. The MLS Client Portal provides you with up-to-date information on the activity in your neighborhood to help guide the marketing of your property
MLS “Hit” Tracking
When an agent or the public views your MLS listing, a “hit” is registered and tracked.  As does assigning the lockbox to your property and keeping a yard sign call log, MLS hit tracking provides valuable data on the interest your property is generating.
Real estate has evolved into a business of technology. With 90% of buyers using the Internet and other “smart” technologies to shop for a home, utilizing these technologies is essential. I recognize and embrace the technologies available, which include social media and other digital forms for advertising, and I am well-versed in their utilization.
National Web Site Exposure
Your property will be featured on a variety of national web sites, exposing your property to buyers throughout the country.
Neighborhood Canvassing
Your neighbors are a great source for potential buyers. Canvassing your neighborhood in person (if permitted) and via print media lets your neighbors know your property is for sale and provides them the opportunity to “pick” their new neighbor.
Agent/Client Contact and Follow-Up
Communication is the key to success! All too often, after the yard sign goes up, communication stops. I won’t let that happen. You’ll stay informed of your listing’s status via timely contact and updates. 
“State of the Listing” Meetings
Following your listing’s activation in the MLS, we’ll meet at key intervals to discuss
strategies as we progress with successfully selling your property. Again,  communication is the key to success!
Attracting the Right Buyer
Marketing your home is one thing… attracting the right buyer is another. Not all offers are created equally, and I know what to look for. Submitted offers will be thoroughly vetted to determine the strongest offer which directly correlates to the success of your escrow and ultimately the successful sale of your property. 
Escrow & What to Expect
Congratulations! You’ve accepted an offer for your property, and it’s time to open escrow. 

Escrows can be complicated—they involve a maze of forms, disclosures, contracts, inspections, appraisals, and so much more. It can be overwhelming even for the seasoned individual. Although you need to remain informed regarding the progress of your real estate transaction, you shouldn’t have to become proficient in real estate! 

As your REALTOR®, I'm well-versed in the escrow process and controlling it from beginning to end provides the highest likelihood that it will progress smoothly and close as scheduled, allowing you to focus on the other important aspects of your life. 
Hiring the right REALTOR® and brokerage for the job of selling your property is critical to realizing your goal: a timely, smooth, and successful transaction. Contact me today!